How To

Building Entry

Building Entry

During standard Mikvah hours, the front door to the building will remain unlocked. Mikvah Card holders may gain entry between 4:30–6:00am by scanning their cards on the sensor box next to the front door.

Mikvah Entry

Before going downstairs to the Mikvah, please make sure that you have the appropriate cash or that you have credit on your Mikvah Card.

Change and Refill Machines

Change Machine

Change Machine

You may obtain exact cash using the change machine upstairs. 

Refill Machine

You may add credit to your Mikvah Cash Card or pay applicable fees for your Monthly Card using the refill machine upstairs. This machine accepts cash only (up to $20), and does not dispense change! Any extra money will remain on your card as credit toward you next month’s membership.

Please follow the posted directions and remember to scan your card after inserting the money so the machine will transfer the credit onto it!


Entry Machine

Entry MachineWhen you scan your card or place the appropriate cash in the entry machine, a green light on the turnstile will indicate that your payment has been accepted. Proceed through the turnstile to use the Mikvah.

The Entry Machine accepts all coins and $1 and $2 bills, but does not issue change.
$5 bills are only accepted Erev Shabbos and Yom-Tov.




The Mikvah is equipped with 14 modern rainfall showers that work on automatic sensors. A knob in the showers allows you to adjust the temperature as you wish. The water will automatically shut-off in all showers at Mikvah closing time.

Each of the 14 showers is equipped with hand-rails, and 2 showers contain flip-down seats to assist the physically impaired.



The Mikvah provides plush, full-sized towels for all users. Please place towels in the baskets located in the dressing room when you have finished using them.
If you are in need of an additional towel, please insert $1 in the appropriate slot on the Refill Machine upstairs.

Soap & Shampoo

Each shower contains a dispenser with body-wash and shampoo for your convenience.


Mikvah Filter

Mikvah Filter

Do Not Touch the Filter

To the Members of Anash, Sheyichyu

Please be advised that the filter at the Mikvah Meir, Located at 349 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, are Kosher LeMehadrin.
One may inmmerse during the filter operation.

If you have any further inquiries, please send a signed letter to the rav.
Thank You.

Rabbi A. Y. Schwei,    Rabbi A. Osdaba


The restrooms are located upstairs, outside of actual Mikvah area. This means that once you leave the Mikvah area downstairs you will be required to swipe/pay to regain entry. Please consider using the restrooms before going downstairs.